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Original Art

To encourage the sale of ORIGINALS, I have eliminated prices. 

Please contact me if you love one of these works, and we'll figure out a way

for you to own it.  If I can recoup my costs and have reason to continue creating, 

I am happy.


It was after living in Mexico for several years, that I realized that

the United States is one of few countries where people will often buy

a print of a well-known painting instead of original art by an emerging painter!  To most cultures, "home" is so unique to the people living there that only original works are worthy of hanging on the walls.  So I challenge you

to be brave, buck the trends, and enhance your home uniquely!

Thanks the most for your interest and support — Lisa​

Suggested prices to purchase $70 - $700

The purchase of original art in America saves an endangered species since artists are greatly encouraged by sales.   If you don't want to purchase one of mine, please consider another artist's works. — Lisa

F.F. Art

An Original Masterpiece Skirt for an Original Woman

Cotton, Washable


I premiered this brand, Fashionable Fine Art!, while living in Nayarit, Mexico  It was popular there because originality is valued more than brand names.  I dare you to be so bravely unique, dress for fun and know you are supporting creativity!

New Projects

A Time to be Born.jpg
A Time to Plant.jpg

New Scripture Allergories 

Available Art

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